Protective Behaviours Education


Protective Behaviours Education at DHPS


At Dianella Heights PS, we believe that all children have the right to feel safe at all times and that they can talk with someone about anything no matter what it is but we also know as parents, carers and teachers we cannot be with each child every minute of the day.


Children are among the most vulnerable members of our community and research shows that explicit teaching of concepts and strategies is an effective way of strengthening children’s ability to recognise danger, seek help and minimise risk.


It is Department of Education policy that all public schools must implement Protective Behaviours education that aligns with the Western Australian Curriculum across all phases of schooling. Earlier in 2018, our entire staff engaged in professional learning about this curriculum and it is being implemented in K-6 classes each year and gradually built into our school values and culture. Two parent sessions were on offer during Term 1, promoting the importance of shared responsibility between home and school for student safety and wellbeing.


Working together, we can help our children to recognise unsafe situations, be proactive and confident in their response and seek help, when they need to.


Tanith Samakovidis

Protective Behaviours Curriculum Leader

Michelle Robins

Deputy Principal



Dianella Heights Primary School is situated in a very quiet and safe locality just fifteen minutes from the Perth CBD. First opened in 1964, our school is comprised of clusters of buildings surrounded by gardens, grassed areas and an extensive natural bush area.