Teaching & Learning


Teaching and Learning at Dianella Heights


Dianella Heights Primary School is committed to teaching and learning excellence. We believe this can only be achieved by developing meaningful partnerships to ensure our future direction is reflective of the changing needs of the local and global community. We are a learning community that practices inclusivity, innovation, collaboration and flexibility while inspiring and nurturing lifelong learning for students and teachers.


We strive for excellence by ensuring that our practices and strategies are based on current and informed research. We hold ourselves accountable for the outcomes we achieve. Using reliable data we rigorously reflect and assess our processes and achievements. We celebrate our successes and make informed and confident determinations about our future direction.


Central to our school ethos are the care values of:

  • Pursuit of knowledge and achievement of potential.
  • Self acceptance and respect of self.
  • Respect and concern for others.
  • Social and Civic responsibility.
  • Environmental responsibility.


Core Beliefs

At Dianella Heights we have identified 8 components in effecting continual improvement in our school.

  1. Professional Leadership – Our leadership is, shared, collaborative, strategic and instructional. Our school is committed to having strong and supportive leadership, with clear vision and direction.
  1. Focus on Teaching and Learning –We are focused on shared pedagogy, accountability for student learning, effective research based professional learning, mentoring and developing very high levels of staff morale.
  1. Purposeful Teaching – This includes:
  • Setting minimum benchmarks for content delivery and student knowledge
  • Fast paced learning to manage the core curriculum
  • Explicit instruction
  • Revision and reinforcement
  • Teaching that is skills based
  • A focus on phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, punctuation/sentence construction/grammar and mathematics
  1. Shared Vision and Goals – Our school’s priorities are focused on the things that are most important to student learning and student well being. This means a real focus on literacy and numeracy.
  1. High Expectations – We believe all children should achieve minimum benchmarks (set by the school) and teachers are accountable for student performance.
  1. Learning Communities – We work consciously to build teacher capacity around our core priorities, including the development of leadership skills. Our school has an emphasis on simultaneously recruiting the expertise that the school needs and developing our existing staff
  1. Accountability and Data – Sharing and using data to analyse school and student performance, is paramount to driving improvement. What is distinctive in our school is the systematic way in which the data is widely shared and discussed by the staff, and that we look to additional sources of evidence such as normed referenced assessments, in order to provide a comprehensive picture of student performance and individual student needs.
  1. Stimulating and Secure Learning Environment – Ensuring an orderly learning environment throughout our school is a fundamental precondition for improved teaching and learning, and student outcomes to occur. Student engagement is central to our approach in achieving this.


Education is the shared responsibility of students, teachers and the community. We encourage your involvement with the school and look forward to a partnership with you. We sincerely hope that your children enjoy their time with us.



Dianella Heights Primary School is situated in a very quiet and safe locality just fifteen minutes from the Perth CBD. First opened in 1964, our school is comprised of clusters of buildings surrounded by gardens, grassed areas and an extensive natural bush area.