Staff at Dianella Heights Primary School


Staff at Dianella Heights Primary School

Leadership Team

Mr P Jakimowiez Principal
Mrs L Bennier Deputy Principal
Mr B Taylor Deputy Principal

Teaching Staff

Mrs E Gath / Mrs H Mullen Kindy 1 & 2 – Room 19
Miss C Potter Kindy 3 – Room 20
Mrs C Roberts Pre-primary 1 – Room 17
Mrs G Pou Pre-primary 2 – Room 18
Mrs M Matenga Year 1 – Room 2
Miss K Redfern Year 1 – Room 3
Miss C Maltese Year 1 – Room 9
Mrs A Patel / Mrs S Liburd Year 1/2 Room 11
Mrs E Moran Year 2 – Room 10
Mrs K Hall / Mrs S Pickles Year 2/3 – Room 12
Miss V Shimmin / Miss B Catalano Year 3 – Room 13
Ms L Williamson / Mrs V Rowland Year 3 – Room 15
Mrs L Miolin Year 4 – Room 14
Mrs C Barty / Mrs J Antoniazzi Year 4 – Room 16
Miss J Cornwall Year 5 – Room 4
Miss M Nesbit Year 5 – Room 7
Mrs D Syme / Miss B Catalano Year 6 – Room 5
Miss J Domiro Year 6 – Room 8
Mrs D Syme / Miss S Davis Student Services
Ms Alex Williams ESL
Mrs G Brogna L.O.T.E. Italian
Mr J Paterson Science
Mr D Seymour Health Senior / Physical Education
Mrs K Hall Health Junior
Mrs P Stynes Music

Support Staff

Mrs J Kelly Manager Corporate Services
Mrs L Walker School Officer
Mrs L Protheroe School Officer
Miss H Moylan School Nurse
Mrs D Conolly Library Officer
Ms K Walpole Guitar Teacher
Mr C Bartle Gardner
Mrs S Douangmaia Cleaner in Charge
Mrs M Cruz Cleaner

Education Assistants

Mrs G Fitzgerald Mrs J Hills
Mrs L Jozwiak Mrs O McKeon
Mrs J M Jamieson Mrs D Henderson
Mrs F Crockford Mrs P Tsolakis
Mrs S Mascall Miss N Grabic
Mrs K Lockhart  

School Psychologist

Miss A Jensen


Dianella Heights Primary School is situated in a very quiet and safe locality just fifteen minutes from the Perth CBD. First opened in 1964, our school is comprised of clusters of buildings surrounded by gardens, grassed areas and an extensive natural bush area.