At Dianella Heights Primary School we are always taking photographs at our events, excursions and throughout the school year. Those photographs may then be used in publications, such as, our website or our newsletter. It is important that you let us know whether you are OK or not OK with your child appearing in photography on any school publication.


Please click the following link for the Dianella Heights Primary School Photo Permission Authorisation Form, fill it in and deliver to the office for our records. CLICK HERE. If you are not OK with your child appearing in photographs in our publications we will try our best to ensure that we look through every photograph published to ensure your request is met. If you do find that your child is in a photograph on our website, please let us know ASAP and we will remove it from our website immediately.


Below are a selection of photographs from events we have held at Dianella Heights Primary School.


Dianella Heights Primary School is situated in a very quiet and safe locality just fifteen minutes from the Perth CBD. First opened in 1964, our school is comprised of clusters of buildings surrounded by gardens, grassed areas and an extensive natural bush area.