DHPS Swimming Carnival 2017

Swim and support your faction

DHPS Swimming Carnival 2017


This year’s swimming carnival is to be held on Friday March 24 from 9.30am to 12.30pm at Bayswater Waves.  The carnival is part of our regular Physical Education sports program so it is expected that all children from Years 4-6 will attend either as competitors or spectators.  Discussions with each class from Year 4 to 6 have been held and the options regarding the events have been outlined.  The students have then selected events they would like to compete in.



Please sign and return the attached permission form along with the correct money to your child’s classroom teacher by the 17 March.  The cost for the carnival is $7.00.



Any forms not signed by the parent/guardian will not be accepted.



Children will be able to take their bags with them and can take a snack to eat.  No children will be allowed to buy food at the venue.  Lunch will be back at school at the usual time.



Parents who have volunteered to help at the carnival will receive a note outlining the allocated tasks prior to the day.



David Seymour

Physical Education Specialist

DHPS Swimming Carnival 2017

Faction Swimming

Friday 24 March 2017

Year 4 - 6




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